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WAVpedal 7 is a simple, easy-to-use interface that allows you to control the playback of WAV, Sony MSV, Sony DVF, BCB/PC Dart, Digital Voice VoicePower, MP3, Olympus DSS, Voice-It SRI, Microsoft Network, Voxware, and Windows Media files on your computer with our foot pedal. The pedal control of voice files allows you to easily type into your word processor while listening to the voice all from your PC. No need for transcription equipment.

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VoiceScribe™, the transcription half of VoiceWare™, is the new standard in medical transcription work station. When used together with other VoiceWare™ digital transcription equipment, VoiceScribe™ transcriptionists can transcribe work that is dictated into a dictation machine, a PC running VoiceDoc®, a Sony digital handheld recording device, an Olympus digital handheld recording device, and a variety of computerized patient record systems (CPRs). Sound quality is outstanding due to VoiceWare's™ proprietary lossless sound-compression system. The transcriptionist has full foot pedal control of playback, and this system reduces rerecord time, courier time, and the nuisance of handling tapes.

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VoiceDoc®, the dictator's PC component of VoiceWare™, allows anyone to dictate either directly to a PC using a microphone, by downloading from a cassette recorder, or via digital handheld dictation equipment. Installation and configuration of the software takes approximately 15 minutes. Dictations are started simply by clicking on the client/job name. The interface is easy to understand: there are buttons for starting the recording, stopping, rewinding, and fast forwarding. Dictations can be edited and revisions can be made. When done, hit the complete button and call up the next job.

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Voiceware Server Remote Client

Voiceware Server Remote Client is software that allows you to view and edit jobs remotely from a Voiceware server. View documents and audio files, run reports, and build data views remotely. Voiceware allows you to manage all aspects of the Voiceware server from your remote PC.

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