WebShuttle Transcription Platform

WebShuttle is a simple and easy-to-use cloud-based transcription and dictation platform. Every transcription company needs an organized method for managing transcription workflow. An efficient workflow increases productivity and improves turn around. Bytescribe has developed a simple and affordable model for managing all aspects of the dictation and transcription process.

Every transcription company needs an organized method for managing transcription workflow.

Dictators can dictate from any phone, handheld recorder or iPhone. Transcriptionists can access dictation and transcription files securely from anywhere.

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Bytescribe WavPlayer

WavPlayer by Bytescribe is an audio player program that allows the user to listen to standard sound files while controlling them with a foot pedal or with hot keys on the keyboard. A transcriptionist can transcribe dictated reports without taking her hands off of the keyboard. The foot pedal controls the play, pause, rewind and fast forward functions.

WavPlayer is an easy-to-use PC-based audio transcription software program compatible with a wide selection of audio file formats.

The software can run in a minimized state so that the transcriptionist is able to type into a word processor on the same computer. The WavPlayer typing software also offers speed and adjustable backspace controls. The WavPlayer is very popular for medical transcription, legal transcription, law enforcement and transcription schools.

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DocShuttle Transcription Software

DocShuttle Internet Transcription Software is a complete solution for managing transcription workflow. The Bytescribe model is simple, secure and it works well. Bytescribe has worked with many transcription companies to develop this system. It is affordable and it utilizes the many advantages of using the Internet to transfer and manage voice files. The Bytescribe model provides all the essential pieces necessary for dictators, transcriptionists and administrators.

DocShuttle is a simple and affordable solution for managing dictation and transcription over the Internet.

Each DocShuttle module has a simple user interface. The top pane of the DocShuttle window displays files that reside on an Internet FTP server. The lower pane displays files that reside on the local PC. Files are transferred between FTP server and local PC by dragging and dropping files between the window panes. All file transfers are securely encrypted. Flags indicating the status appear by each file in the DocShuttle window.

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Orator Dictation System

The Orator Digital Dictation System is a multi-line telephone dictation and transcription system. Dictation is recorded over telephone lines and stored as compact voice files. The voice files are then transferred through the Internet to transcriptionists. The system is a reliable alternative to expensive dictation systems.

Orator is a computer-based, multi-line telephone dictation and transcription system. Dictation can be automatically routed to transcriptionists over the Internet.

The Orator VoIP is dictation software that uses Voice over IP technology to record dictation. Callers can continue to use standard analog telephones or they can use VoIP telephones. The software can be installed on a standard Windows computer with a broadband Internet connection. The Orator VoIP solution requires no hardware or telephone lines. Voice over IP can be far less expensive than standard telephone lines.

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Every transcription company needs an organized method for managing transcription workflow.

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Who is Bytescribe?

Transcription organizations need a solution that simplifies the transcription workflow process. The required move to electronic medical records and the need to be compliant with the latest security standards mean companies must adapt and integrate or go out of business. WebShuttle is a platform on which you can run your transcription business.