WavPlayer FAQs

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  1. The license cannot be identified. Please install required DLLs or purchase a license.
  2. When I select "Help - Check for Updates" the WavPlayer menu, I am not able to receive the latest update.
  3. When I try to make WavPlayer my default Player I get an error that says "Failed to Set Data for"
  4. My USB foot pedal will not work with WavPlayer.
  5. Foot pedal not working with my laptop docking station?
  6. I'm getting a Floating Point error when playing files in the WavPlayer
  7. How quickly will I receive the WavPlayer once I place my order?
  8. Can I change my 9-pin port serial foot pedal to a USB port pedal using an adapter?
  9. Troubleshooting Serial (COM) Port Problems
  10. WavPlayer Installation Instructions
  11. WavPlayer Configuration
  12. DocShuttle Express Transcription Software
  13. Which file formats will WavPlayer support?
  14. Can WavPlayer be the default media player on my computer?
  15. I am having problems making WavPlayer the default player for my file types.
  16. After uninstalling DocShuttle software, I can't play certain .wav files with my WavPlayer
  17. I am having trouble playing files or using speed control in my WavPlayer. What can I do?
  18. I'm using Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10, and I can't play some kinds of .wav files.
  19. How do I download the WavPlayer software?
  20. Troubleshooting the WavPlayer
  21. Installation Instructions for WavPlayer
  22. Installing New CODECs for Wave Files
  23. Errors in File Length when Playing DSS Files
  24. I already have a footpedal. Is it compatible with the WavPlayer?
  25. Can WavPlayer play .sri files created by the Voice It handheld recorder?
  26. In Windows 10, I'm getting error messages about not being able to see, access, or make changes to files.
  27. What file formats will DocShuttle support?
  28. Can I play .vob files from a video DVD?
  29. When I try to play certain files with my WavPlayer, "Error" appears and the files won't play.
  30. I receive an error when I first open my WavPlayer. What do I do?
  31. Can WavPlayer play .wav files created by Dictaphone or DVI (Rhetorex) systems?
  32. Can WavPlayer play .msv and .dvf files created by Sony handheld recorders?
  33. Is WavPlayer compatible with Microsoft Word and WordPerfect?
  34. Will WavPlayer run on a Mac?
  35. Software not registering with Product Serial Number (PSN)
  36. Maximum PSN Registration
  37. New/Refurbished Computer Setup Instructions!
  38. How do I register my Bytescribe software?
  39. What is meant by “concurrent” and “consecutive” registrations?
  40. I want to buy/sell a used Bytescribe software license. Is it transferable?
  41. I don’t have a Product Serial Number or a Dongle. Can I register?
  42. I have a Product Serial Number. Where do I go to register my software?
  43. When I installed my software on a new computer, my Registration Number changed. What happened?
  44. I had to reinstall Windows on my computer, and my Registration Number changed. What happened?
  45. I registered on the web site and got a Confirmation Code, but when I put it in I get an error message saying “Invalid Code.” Why?
  46. I change computers and/or re-format my computer a lot. I will need to register my software several times. Is there a way to avoid the registration process?
  47. When I go to register online, I get the message that says “You have exceeded the number of licenses.” What does that mean?
  48. I have multiple Bytescribe products. How do I know which Product Serial Number goes with which product?